Have you been struggling to understand the divine masculine and the role it plays in your twin soul journey, your ascension journey, or your life in general?

Below are 14 traits of a divine masculine. It’s important to know and understand the subtleties of each of these traits as you can use these as markers to see where you or your divine masculine is at on the twin soul journey. If you are on an ascension journey of your own, you can also look at how you’ve balanced the divine masculine energies inside of you.

Please note that the use of the word “masculine” does not have anything to do with the male gender. There are LGBTQIA twin soul pairings with each twin more naturally embodying one of the two energies.

Furthermore, both counterparts have the ability to tap into both the divine masculine and divine feminine energies at any time. This is what union means! Both energies are available to you. Both are within you.

Wondering if you are the masculine or feminine twin soul in your twin flame relationship? Make sure you check out my videos on the masculine and feminine.

The Divine Masculine Energy Is:


The divine masculine does not run from responsibility. He sees opportunities for responsibility and readily accepts them. He even looks for ways to expand himself through taking on new responsibilities.

As the divine masculine comes into union with his divine feminine, he will feel responsible for her in many ways. He will look for ways to take on more responsibility for her well-being, health, safety, finances, and growth.

This does not mean he will do things for her unnecessarily, as that is not going to help her grow. Rather, he will invest in her growth and create more abundance for himself so that he has the overflow to take on the responsibility of caring for her.


The divine masculine shares himself with his divine feminine. No topic is off limits and he is able to speak his true mind to her. While he doesn’t always fully understand her thought process, he stays open to her way of being and appreciates her insight and unique way of looking at the world.

As the divine masculine moves toward his feminine, he will share more and more of himself with her. He will readily speak to her about his challenges, problems, and fears.

This does not mean he will tell her everything, and certainly not on her schedule. The divine masculine is meant to lead these conversations. He is not easily manipulated and does not return vulnerability with more vulnerability just for the sake of it. He instead offers vulnerability when it is right for the connection.


The divine masculine comes up with lots of fun adventures for his divine feminine and himself. He expresses through action and it’s telling when he has an idea for them, because it shows that he has been thinking of her and wants to spend time with her.

Adventure is simple, and the divine masculine likes to do simple things with the people he loves, including his divine feminine. He takes pleasure in surprising his divine feminine with new experiences.

This does not necessarily mean lavish meals, expensive gifts, or romantic trips. Adventure can mean something different for each twin soul pairing. It can mean road trips, tickets to a play or musical, a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant, planting a garden, or gym memberships. The divine feminine can dream of the adventures, and the divine masculine will make it happen for the two of them, together.


The divine masculine leaves behind the winner/loser paradigm and trades it for courage. It takes courage to play the game, any game. A game requires risk and the divine masculine may not win in the material sense, but the divine masculine knows that the real bounty is the growth he experiences through trying.

As the divine masculine moves toward his divine feminine, he will play more games and as a result, accomplish more in life. Those who play receive what they want more often, and the universe loves persistence above all.

This does not necessarily mean that the divine masculine will win games on behalf of his divine feminine. This is a feudal and outdated notion. His courage is not meant to be poured into a “knight in shining armor” scenario, as the divine masculine knows and always has believed that the divine feminine can save herself.


The divine masculine is oriented toward solutions. He observes and interacts with the world through desiring to solve the problems in it. He also desires to solve problems for the divine feminine, especially when those problems play to his natural strengths, abilities, and skill set.

This does not mean that the divine masculine will solve problems that take away from their divine feminine’s growth work. This is an important distinction! A divine masculine will never take a growth opportunity away from a divine feminine when that growth is something she personally desires that will help her reach her goals.

At the same time, no person can do it all themselves. This is where the divine masculine will naturally fill in gaps. And the divine feminine does the same for him on his growth journey.


The divine masculine uses logic and rationality to ground dreams into reality. He is practical and focuses on schedules and tasks with ease. He loves putting plans to ideas and excels at execution.

As he moves toward his divine feminine, he’s able to take her ideas and put them into motion. He offers structure, stability, and guidance for how to move things forward in the material world.

This does not mean that the divine feminine has to wait for her masculine to come around in order to start working on her dreams. The divine feminine has the divine masculine energies inside her and can tap into them at any time to move her own ideas forward.


The divine masculine pursues his own life. He leaves behind a desire to control or influence other people’s lives and instead develops his own interests, hobbies, and goals. He truly believes that life is a gift and he is comfortable in his own skin, doing his own thing.

As he moves toward his divine feminine, he’s also pursuing her. This is the ultimate divine masculine move! He knows what he wants and he goes for it with all his heart.

This does not mean that the divine feminine has to wait on her divine masculine, as she can pursue him too! It just means that when the masculine is comfortable going after the things he wants in life—when he has the energy and is willing to exert it to create a juicy and zesty experience for himself—the feminine will know immediately.


The divine masculine throws away the weakness/strength paradigm and instead moves toward a role of protector or guardian over the ones he loves. He notices injustice and works hard to balance all unfairness he sees. He accumulates strength not to make a grab a power, but rather so that his cup overflows and he’s able to protect himself and those around him.

The divine masculine’s protectiveness extends beyond his divine feminine and to others as well, including children, animals, and other divine masculines. The divine masculine is not trying to dominate other masculines or compete with them, but rather extend the protection he’s able to offer to all other beings.

This does not mean that the divine masculine goes overboard in trying to protect his feminine. This is not about him being jealous or attempting to keep other masculines away from her. Rather, the divine masculine is fully aware of his capabilities as well as his lack of control over what happens to other beings that he loves and cares about. He does not overextend himself in trying to protect others., and has realistic expectations around it.


The divine masculine is grounded, sensible, and wise. Spiritually, he is able to energetically connect with the Earth’s core, which allows him to be present and oriented within the structure of the material world. Because of his natural orientation toward the physical world, he tends to make logical, rational, and “good” decisions.

As the divine masculine interacts with his divine feminine, he is able to ground her spiritual connection into the material world. He helps her stay connected to her 3D reality around her and helps the manifestations she creates come alive on Earth. He also moves excess energy from the connection into the earth, which can absorb limitless amounts of energy that the two physical bodies in the union can’t hold.

This does not mean the divine masculine is always grounded, or that the divine feminine is always up in the clouds. It simply means the two counterparts naturally gravitate toward (and were made for) different purposes.


The divine masculine was designed to give and provide. It is the energy of accumulating material resources and distributing those resources to those he feels responsibility for.

When the divine masculine and divine feminine come into union, they will take on these natural roles of giving (the masculine) and receiving (the feminine). This is challenging in today’s society and requires both counterparts to check their egos at the door. The masculines provide to the feminine and the feminine receives in order to do what she does best—connect to the spiritual, receive intuitive information and messages, nurture her divine masculine and any children, family, or friends they have, and more.

This does not mean that the divine masculine must be the breadwinner, or that the divine feminine cannot be successful and make good money and provide as well. This is about energy!


The divine masculine takes action. Unlike the divine feminine, who is receptive and attracts resources to her, the divine masculine goes out and gathers resources.

As the divine masculine moves toward his divine feminine, he’ll move from a hermit energy, where he disengages or pulls back to protect his energy, into a flurry of action. At first, this action may or may not include his divine feminine, but as their relationship grows deeper into union, these actions will more frequently involve plans and time with his divine feminine.

This does not mean he will do everything for the divine feminine, or that she gets to sit around while he does all the work. Both counterparts do deep work, neither of which is elevated above the other.


The divine masculine is a leader with his divine feminine and within his community. He does not lead by accumulating power or control, but rather leads from a place of love and security.

The divine masculine doesn’t see leadership as a hierarchy. He does not try to dominate other divine masculines around him or compete with them for a place at the top of the mountain. Rather, he believes in the ability of everyone to be a leader within their natural strengths and talents and checks his ego at the door. He sees his position as a leader to help grow and strengthen others in leading, and takes on the role of teaching or mentoring his people. He invests in his people and helps build them up.

As he grows closer to his divine feminine, she may see his leadership skills improve at work or within their social circle. She will also see his leadership in the ways that he takes initiative in building their lives together.

This does not mean that the divine feminine isn’t also a leader, because she is! The two lead in very different ways. The divine feminine leads from a place of flow, creativity, and intuition, while the divine masculine leads from a place of structure, stability, and action.

Boundary Setter

The divine masculine sets boundaries with not only his divine feminine, but everyone else is well. He leaves behind the notion of rules and order and realizes that he cannot control anyone but himself. He can never control the actions of others, but he can choose how he responds to them— and the way he responds to them is by setting boundaries with others.

Boundaries are based on a logic tree. Each possible scenario has a branch, and the divine masculine excels at figuring out how he is going to respond to each of the branches. He does this by setting boundaries and communicating them to all interested and involved parties.

A fully embodied divine masculine will always communicate his boundaries in words. Divine masculines who are still healing and working on themselves may communicate their boundaries through other methods of nonverbal communication. This is not ideal to those around them, but they are still moving in the right direction by setting those boundaries to begin with.


The divine masculine is secure and stable in both his love and affection for his feminine and in other major areas of his life. He helps others around him feel secure by being there for them when they’re in need.

Like a furnace in winter that keeps the family warm, the divine masculine provides a deep sense of home and security as he moves toward his feminine. As a result, she is able to maintain her faith in the connection and build a strong bridge between their union and their higher power.

The divine masculine understands his role in the union. He provides safety, security, and stability and his feminine is able to return that to him. As they grow toward each other, they grow toward their higher power as well. All either counterpart must do is make the other feel secure to reap these benefits.

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Wondering if you are the masculine or feminine twin soul in your twin flame relationship? Make sure you check out my videos on the masculine and feminine: