The Twin Soul Hearts in Union Series

Your Twin Soul Journey: A Guide to Experience Eternal, Unconditional, Harmonious, Embodied Love and Union With Your Divine Partner (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #1)

Wishing you could get solid information on how to navigate your twin soul journey?

In Your Twin Soul Journey, you’ll learn:

  • The cornerstone concepts you MUST understand to embark on this journey
  • The truth about the twin soul stages and my own personal roadmap to finding your unique way through this journey
  • How to heal quickly through any separation blocks you are facing on your twin soul journey
  • Answers to all your most pressing questions about twin soul purpose, twin soul telepathy, and twin soul myths

Find Your Twin Soul: The Nine Foolproof Ways You Can Recognize and Confirm Your Twin Soul (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #2)

Searching for your twin soul or wondering if the person you’re with is the one?

In Find Your Twin Soul, I talk about:

  • Why the question of who your twin soul is might come up for you over and over again and what’s really going on in your energy
  • Nine amazing and diverse ways to determine the identity of your twin soul—with detailed instructions on how to complete each test
  • What to do if you know who your twin soul is but the tests are pointing away from that person or even toward someone else
  • How astrology, tarot, and psychic readers are able to help you find your twin soul… and the many ways in which they can’t!

Twin Souls vs. Soulmates vs. Karmic Twins: How To Identify, Understand, and Interpret Every Spiritual Connection in Your Life To Find Harmony in Your Twin Soul Union (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #3)

Confused about whether the person in front of you is a twin soul, a soulmate, a karmic twin, a false twin, or something else?

In Twin Soul vs. Soulmate vs. Karmic Twin, I explain:

  • The difference between the relationships in your life that are meant to be permanent versus those that are ephemeral and built on sandy foundations
  • How to recognize and classify each relationship—and why you may want to or why you may not!
  • How to handle soul contracts you may have with various parties that are keeping you from your twin soul
  • The purpose of each relationship in terms of uprooting karmic sludge in your union

Masculine vs. Feminine: Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Counterparts and How They Come Into Union in the Twin Soul Relationship (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #4)

Wondering about how the masculine and feminine concepts play out on your journey?

In Masculine vs. Feminine, I go over:

  • Whether you are the masculine or the feminine in your union and the easy ways to tell
  • How the masculine and feminine – journey through the chakras once they are awakened to the twin soul journey
  • How to shift your union’s energy from distorted masculine and feminine to divine masculine and feminine
  • The 15+ distorted patterns that the masculine and feminine fall into, and how to heal them for good

Why the Twin Soul Runner Runs: Determining Why You Experience Separation, Marriage to Another, Lack of Commitment, Happiness Outside of Your Twin Soul Union, and More (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #5)

Struggling with a runner-chaser situation?

In Why the Twin Soul Runner Runs, you’ll learn:

  • What the runner-chaser dynamic is really about and how you can put an end to it for good
  • Why your twin soul runner might appear happy without you and what they are really doing to make it look that way
  • Why twin souls struggle to commit to each other and the thing that finally makes them do so
  • How to bring your twin soul back to you, no matter the external situations that you might be facing

Breaking the Twin Soul Connection: Safely Ending the Pain, Intensity, Heartbreak, Obsession, Depression, and Feeling of Dying That You May Be Experiencing on Your Journey (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #6)

Feeling like your twin soul journey is too painful to continue?

In Breaking the Twin Soul Connection, I share:

  • The real source of the pain you might be feeling and how to uproot it from your being
  • Why obsession and intensity come up on the journey and how to release those feelings
  • How to heal through the heartbreak of your twin soul’s choices
  • How to release the connection at every level—my method is FOOLPROOF and not in any way a bait and switch