It sucks to get blocked by your twin soul on social media, chat, or text!

But why does it happen? And what does it mean for you and your twin soul journey?

In talking to both twins who have blocked each other and twins who have been blocked, the experience is deeply painful on both ends. There are a few reasons that one twin blocks the other:

Violation of Set or Unspoken Boundaries (Often Around Communication)

If your twin asks you to stop texting or messaging him/her, and you choose not to, the connection can get blocked to protect the union.

Violating boundaries is one thing that causes breaks between people, so the universe will never let you push your twin to the point of no return.

This is also for your benefit, so you can banish codependent feelings like addiction, uncommunicated and unmet expectations, abandonment, betrayal, and more.

Inability to Handle the Pain of Communicating With the Other

Sometimes there is a lot of pain associated with the relationship, especially if you have history with your twin soul. When people operate from a place of pain, they can truly hurt one another and say things they don’t mean that destroy their connection.

The universe will do whatever is necessary to protect the connection, thus may provide distance in communication until the two counterparts are able to reconnect from a place of love.

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Running From the Union, Usually Trying to Cut the Other Person out of Their Life Using Typical 3D Methods

Every twin soul counterpart should try at least once to completely cut a person from their life using traditional 3D methods, often ones that are featured in issues of Cosmo under articles labeled, “How to Get Over Your Ex FAST.”

Do not take it personally if you sense your twin is doing this to you. This connection is so challenging and painful at times, and it’s human nature to want to end that pain in any way possible.

Please know that if you are true twins, this effort on your twin’s part will not work. They will always come back. They can’t let you go any more than you can let them go.

Integration of Closeness and Healing

Sometimes the two counterparts are in close contact and then one blocks the other. This can feel like it’s coming out of nowhere, but ultimately it’s the universe creating distance where there was once closeness so the two counterparts can integrate the healing they’ve received from each other (through triggering, through conversations, or more).

How To Get Unblocked Quickly

It’s really challenging to understand the Twin Soul Journey and why these things happen. You may be wondering:

  • Is this person my true twin soul (or is he/she a soulmate or karmic)?
  • How could this person I love hurt me so deeply, over and over again?
  • How do I get our partnership back on track?

To answer these questions, you have to open yourself to the guidance around twin souls and get educated about this connection and why it’s different from many others you’ve encountered in your lifetime.

No matter where you are at on this journey, I highly recommend reading my book, Your Twin Soul Journey: A Guide To Experience Eternal, Unconditional, Harmonious, Embodied, Sacred Love and Union With Your Divine Partner (Twin Soul Hearts in Union #1). This book will help you better identify your connection as a twin soul connection or not and will go DEEP into many common twin soul misconceptions, including balancing the divine feminine and masculine, finding your twin soul divine purpose, navigating the 3D and 5D of the connection, and more.

Once you understand the connection, you can download our free gift to help you heal through this wound—which will get your true twin soul to unblock you! We use the Reflection Journaling Practice to get to the root of the issue between you and your twin soul and heal you back into union and harmony. It’s completely free, so give it a try!

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