Within every twin soul union, there is a masculine twin soul and feminine twin soul. Today’s topic is how to tell which one you are: the masculine twin soul or of a feminine twin soul.

This is a question that is often asked in the twin soul community. How do you know which one you are?

After all, a lot of us have been in both the masculine and feminine energies at different points in our lives.

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Now, before I get too far, I want to be clear. Masculine and feminine energies have nothing to do with gender. So you and your twin could be any rainbow-colored relationship that you like—there are many twin soul LGBTQIA+ couples who are coming into union right now. None of that stuff matters and you can be anywhere on the spectrum in terms of your sexual preferences or gender.

What matters is which partner is which embodied energy in the relationship. You know who your twin soul is. Which of you embodies the masculine energy more easily, and which of you embodies the feminine?

Here are a few easy tips, to know once and for all, whether you are the masculine twin soul or the feminine twin soul.

#1 – Reflect on Which One Your Inner Knowing is Telling You You Are

I am the feminine twin soul. But it took me a little bit of time to figure that out, because in my past I have been so masculine. I tend to be a very logical thinker. I like frameworks and structure. On the Myers-Briggs, I’m a thinker rather than a feeler.

Also, there are lots of things in my past that have indicated to me that I might be the masculine. This is pretty common because we live in a patriarchal society. For many twin soul feminines, and many women in general, we are taught to be more in our masculine energy in order to achieve success. My own experience was that I tended to be in my masculine energy quite a bit as a child and then going into adulthood. That was a little bit confusing for me as I was entering this awakening on this journey.

Find a quiet space or a couple of minutes and think about whether you are the masculine or feminine in the relationship. Which one do you feel like?

That’s the one you probably are! Because the truth is that your inner intuition knows exactly which one you are.

Discovering which one you are is just about clearing away the muck and the expectations you’ve placed on yourself or acquired throughout your lifetimes, including this one.

Which one do you feel you embody?

#2 – Look at Your Twin Soul

It’s going to be a little bit easier to tell which your twin soul is, the masculine or the feminine, because they are not you!

Your judgment will not be based on your own esteem issues about yourself. You won’t second-guess your understanding because someone told you who you were in the past, or you behaved a certain way in the past.

So if you look at your twin soul, you can probably tell which one they are based solely on intuition. What do you truly feel inside you? When you connect to your source, what does that person radiate to you? What kind of what energy do they seem to sink into more naturally? Is this person the masculine or are they the feminine?

You’re really never gonna have two masculines or two feminines in a relationship. That means they are one or the other, and you are the one they are not. If you know that your twin is definitely the feminine or definitely the masculine, you can rest assured that you are the other one.

#3 – Look at the Divine Masculine and Feminine Traits to See Which Most Resonate With You

This one’s a little bit trickier because the truth is we have both masculine and feminine energies inside us.

Additionally, we sometimes have been told that we are a certain way, or have been conditioned to believe that we act a certain way. 

Sometimes we can be in our own wounding around these traits. For example, one trait of the divine masculine is that they take on a lot of responsibility within the union.

But there are probably a lot of feminines who feel like, “yeah, I take on responsibility, I’m a responsible person…”

While that’s true, this divine masculine trait is more about taking responsibility in and for the union in the physical, as the masculine is the one that grounds the union into 3D reality. They are going to be the ones stepping up to the plate and trying to make things happen. When the feminine tries to do the masculine’s part of the union, it just comes out as control and manipulation—in other words, distorted feminine.

The best way to use this trick to figure out which twin you are is to look at divine masculine traits and divine feminine traits as two groups, and then decide which one you resonate with most in your heart. Do not use your logic or thoughts to decide; just feel into the energy of the two different groupings of traits.

Divine Masculine – Responsible, Vulnerable, Adventurous, Courageous, Solutions-Oriented, Logical, Pursuant, Protective, Grounded, Giving, Providing, Action-Oriented, Leading, Boundary Setter, Steadfast

(To learn more about the traits of the divine masculine in a twin flame relationship, check out my post: http://cardreadingqueen.com/traits-of-the-divine-masculine/)

Divine Feminine – Magnetizing, Expressive, Flowing, Self-Assured, Manifesting, Intuitive, Creative, Developing, Educating, Centered, Receiving, Nurturing, Connective, Collaborative, Candid, Faithful

Now that you have these lists, which one resonates most? Which one sounds delicious to you? Which one would you want to be if you could choose? (Hint: since this is your reality, you always get to choose.)

Go with your gut. That’s the one that you’re most likely designed for and the one that your higher power—source, God, the universe, whoever—has designed you.

You will naturally resonate with one or the other and your twin will naturally be your complement.

#4 – Look at the Distorted Masculine and Feminine Traits to See Which Most Resonate With You

I also find it helpful to take the reverse of the last trick and look instead at the distorted masculine and feminine. Again, there are two lists.

This time, instead of feeling which one you want to sink into more, you can look at which one you most embodied in your past. This can show you which archetype, masculine or feminine, you resonated with most as a child, which shows you which societal expectations you most gravitated toward.

You may also want to notice which of these lists triggers you the most, for yourself and then for your twin soul. And finally, you may want to see which of these lists you see the most in your twin soul, as that indicates who is who as well.

Distorted Masculine – Controlling, Unavailable, Flaky, Power-Hungry, Winner-Loser Mentality, Calculated, Weak/Strong Mentality, Hierarchical, Separated, Withdrawn, Dominating, Ordering (Ruling), Possessive, Hostile

Distorted Feminine – Seductive, Manipulative, Hyper-Sensitive, Nagging, Validation-Seeking, Disempowered, Helpless, Fantasizing, Vengeful, Comparing, Codependent, Chasing, Submissive, Conflict-Avoidant, Superficial, Neurotic

One caveat to these two lists is that many feminines (especially women in the 3D) have had to assimilate masculine traits in order to achieve success in our patriarchal society. You may resonate with both lists, but in general, a masculine will not resonate with the distorted feminine list. If you are resonating with both lists it means you’re more likely the feminine in the relationship.

Why Does it Matter?

There are two important reasons why knowing which twin soul is which energy could be important for you:

Success in All Areas of Your Life

Lasting success that’s built on strong foundation stems from knowing your soul design and purpose. If you are a feminine trying to accomplish things using primarily masculine energy or vice-versa, you’re going to watch your foundations continue to crumble around you.

I experienced this myself as I tried to choose my degree logically (I picked Computer Science) then tried to get the highest-paying job I could (I worked as a software engineer). I tried to pick my husband logically as well and chose a doctor.

In reality, my ex-husband was all wrong for me and so was my career. My ex was a karmic twin and I was meant to be a writer which was what I wanted to be all along when I was growing up—who knew?

I was achieving plenty of outward success, but I wasn’t achieving inner success, and that is not how you create things that last in the physical.

The more I ignored who I really was in favor of “logic,” the more my foundation kept crumbling around me. God doesn’t support falsity and lies—sort of obvious!

When I realized I was the feminine and shifted into using primarily my feminine energy, everything started falling into place. God supported me by providing me resources to support myself, and I felt energized to work toward my dreams every day.

I found myself creating the inner success first, which has translated and continues to translate (I’m just getting started!) into outward success.

This outward success feels incredibly stable and grounded. I could lose everything tomorrow and I believe that I could build it all back up again. I know I’m bringing my inner work with me wherever I go!

Doing the Healing Work to Reunite With Your Twin

These traits are taken from the Inner Union Framework, which helps you shift into your most natural energy (masculine or feminine) first, then shift from distorted to divine.

As you do this, your twin also shifts into their natural energy (masculine or feminine) and also shifts from distorted to divine for their energy.

You can even use the framework to gently shift your twin from distorted to divine, simply by shifting it within yourself.

And finally, as you do this work, not only will you be in deeper harmony in your own life, and not only will you shift into union with your twin soul, but you’ll also help shift the world from distorted masculine and feminine to divine masculine and feminine. This is already happening on our planet as questions about the patriarchy keep coming up and we see those patterns of toxicity ending on the individual scale and the global scale.

If you are interested in the Inner Union Framework, I’m currently working on the book and course to go deeper into the explanation of it, but in the meantime you can find my cheat sheet of the masculine and feminine traits (with deeper descriptions!) at cardreadingqueen.com/freebies.

Hope this article was helpful to you. Have a beautiful and blessed day!

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