Today we are talking about how you can tell if you and your twin soul have compatible astrology signs. Specifically, we’re talking about your sun signs, but you could also use any of this information to talk about any of your other signs, like your moon signs, ascending signs, and more.

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#1 – Look at the Element Associated With Each Astrological Sign

The first way to see if you and your twin are compatible according to your astrological sign, is through looking at the element that’s associated with each sign.

Each sign on the zodiac has an element associated with it—earth, water, fire, or air. For example, Aquarius is an air sign, Pisces is a water sign, Aries is a fire sign, and so on.

There are two combinations that tend to be the most compatible. But first, if your elemental association is the same, there’s some compatibility there. But you are even more compatible if you are either an earth and water sign together, OR if you are an air and fire sign together.

The cool thing about these two combinations is that you can often see a little bit more about how the relationship is actually going to balance out. If you are an air and fire sign pairing, for example, the air is what fuels the fire. So you’ll find that the person who’s the air sign is actually often a little bit more nurturing to the person who is the fire sign. And yes, you’ll find that the fire sign tends to be the one in charge, while the air sign is a more supportive and nurturing partner to them. 

For the earth and water sign pairings, everything on earth grows because of water. Water comes from the earth. The water sign will help the earth sign with self-growth, while the earth sign will be a huge support to the water sign.

Your element can give you great information about how the relationship works and what role each of you is intended to play with one another!

#2 – Look at the Aspect Between Your Two Signs

The second way you can tell a little bit about your compatibility is to look at the signs in terms of how they are aspected against each other.

An aspect in astrology is basically a number of degrees that two things are apart. In astrology, there are 360 degrees total (a circle) and each element, whether it’s a planet or a zodiac sign or something else, is placed along the wheel at a certain angle or a certain degree.

All of the zodiac signs are 30 degrees apart, and you can add up the number of degrees apart that they are to get what the aspect is.

So, for example, Aquarius and Pisces are right next to each other, so those two signs are only 30 degrees apart. Aquarius and Aries are they have the sign of Pisces between them, so those two signs are 60 degrees apart. Aquarius and Taurus are 90 degrees apart. Aquarius and Gemini are 120 degrees apart. Aquarius and Cancer are 150 degrees apart. And so on.

If you’re looking for compatible signs, you’re going to be looking at if the signs are the same one or every other one after that. Let’s say you’re an Aquarius sign and your partner is also an Aquarius sign. Then that would be those two signs would be conjunct to each other, so that’s zero degree difference. All the compatible signs are every other sign.

So you would say Aquarius and Aries are compatible because they’re 60 degrees apart, which is a sextile.

Here are the aspects which demonstrate favorable compatibility:

  • Conjunct – 0 degrees apart
  • Sextile – 60 degrees apart
  • Trine – 120 degrees apart
  • Opposite – 180 degrees apart

Here are the aspects which demonstrate incompatibility:

  • Semisextile – 30 degrees apart
  • Square – 90 degrees apart
  • Quincunx – 150 degrees apart

If you’re interested in aspects, you can actually look up in a little bit more detail what each of these aspects might mean to your relationship. For example, if your two signs are in trine, that is 120 degrees part, and that happens to be an extremely positive association. But if you have opposite signs, then it can also show some conflict, an “opposites attract” type of relationship, even though typically, oppositions are considered a positive compatibility because they’re at the opposite sides of the zodiac. An opposing aspect is not as positive as a trine, though.

#3 – Look at Each Sign’s Quality

The third way you can look at the two astrological signs and see if there’s compatibility is by looking at the signs’ quality. There are three different potential values that could be assigned to this: cardinal, mutable and fixed.

If your sign is a cardinal quality, it means that it’s the start of a new season, so this would be the spring equinox, the autumnal equinox, the summer solstice, or the winter solstice—Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn. Because these signs are all cardinal signs, they actually have similar purposes on the planet, but they have different approaches for how to do them. The signs with cardinal quality tend to be more of the leaders of the world, but they all have different approaches to leadership.

The fixed signs are the ones that fall in the middle of each season—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The mutable signs are the remaining four, and they’re the ones that close out the seasons.

You can learn more about each of these qualities and you can tell a lot about the relationship based on which quality the two signs occupy!


What do you do if you’ve gone through these three different ways and you’re finding that you actually don’t have a lot of compatibility with your twin soul in terms of astrology? Don’t worry! 

It’s great if you can find compatibility using these three methods, but it doesn’t necessarily mean anything if the compatible is not there. The biggest reason for that is because you’re probably comparing sun signs when we actually have a total of 10 different astrological signs based on our birth date, time, and place! These 10 signs make up a larger personality profile than your sun sign ever could.

Both you and your twin have these ten signs and there are lots of different ways to organize those signs in terms of compatibility.

If you want to get a true picture of your personalities both individually and as part of your twin soul union, you can do some sort of astrological charting that would give you not only your individual profiles, but also combine your two profiles and tell you a bunch of cool stuff about it. If you think something like this sounds really interesting, I just want to let you know that I actually offer the service at Card Reading Queen—go to to learn more and find out exactly how my Twin Soul Romance and Compatibility Report works.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that it’s given you a little bit more perspective on how the astrological signs with you and your twin work and how you can find different points of compatibility within your signs. Have a beautiful and blessed day!