Twin Soul Compatibility Report

Gain Deep Clarity and Trustworthy Guidance Around Your Twin Soul Journey


Clarity is the most important thing. I can compare clarity to pruning in gardening. You know, you need to be clear. If you are not clear, nothing is going to happen.

- Diane von Furstenberg -

Is the Twin Soul Compatibility Report For You?

Many readers will either read your charts OR your cards. And while both can individually offer deep insights into union with your divine partner, putting them both to work at once can ensure we identify all the pieces of the puzzle and close all the gaps to your twin soul union!

When paired together, you can get incredibly personalized guidance that you can trust because it’s based on both the collective cosmic energies and the intuitive energetic storytelling of the universe. As these two energies match up, you can not only find deeper messages, but you can also verify those messages as both energies validate the guidance.

The twin soul journey is above all a spiritual journey all about healing and ascension. While everyone wants to find deep, true love, and while many are initially attracted to the journey to meet their person, this report is for people who understand that the journey is valuable to travel solo as well.

As you heal yourself, you will naturally attract more love, beauty, and abundance into your life! This report always keeps your highest interest and healing opportunities at the forefront. It is rooted in positivity and seeing the beauty in every part of your journey.

  •  Monica's unique process combines a mix of knowledge, healing, and guidance founded in spiritual principles around love, astrology, tarot and oracle reading, twin souls, and manifestation.
  •  You’ll learn so much about yourself and your twin through the individual profiles built from your natal charts, healing opportunities, and tarot guidance.
  •  You’ll receive your full union blueprint which tells you what you and your twin came to earth to heal and where you each have strengths and weaknesses to accomplish your mission.
  • And finally, you’ll receive your customized energy timeline that marks both the loving and challenging moments of your union.  

If you have been looking for deeper guidance from someone who has studied twin souls, tarot, manifestation, and astrology for years, you will love the guidance in this report!  

What You Get with the Twin Soul Compatibility Report 

Self-Knowledge from the Cosmos Learn your and your twin’s full astrological profiles with a focus on love and healing

Union Blueprint Uncover your union blueprint which explains what you and your twin soul have come to earth to heal

Tarot and Astrology Receive unique and double-verified guidance with Monica's custom process for pulling astrological and intuitive energies specific to your union

Areas of Compatibility Receive your compatibility with your twin (areas of harmony and clash) and how it’s holding you back from union

Union Forecast Look into the future at your personalized energies and guidance for the next three months (combining your personal profiles, the cosmic movements, and tarot guidance)

Twin Soul Healing and Ascension Work with someone who understands that attracting your twin soul is all about staying high-vibe and healing the wounds inside

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Diving Into the Details of the Twin Soul Compatibility Report 

Video #1: Your Profile

We will go through your full natal chart (where the cosmic energies were at the time of your birth) and you'll receive all ten of your signs. I'll explain what each means to your personality so we can build a full astrological personality profile.

If you've provided the exact time and location of your birth, I will also dive into your ascendant sign and houses.

Next, we'll look at the aspects of your natal chart and dive into what each means for your union.

We'll end the video with a deep tarot reading to offer further guidance about how to understand your astrological profile and use the information on your twin soul journey.

You will receive audio and video of this report. A visual PDF of notes and charting will be included.

Video #2: Your Twin's Profile

Similar to Video #1, we will go through your twin's full natal chart, ascendant sign and houses (only available if the exact time and location of your divine counterpart's birth is provided), and natal chart aspects.

We'll end the video with a deep tarot reading about your divine counterpart and where he/she is at on this journey. This tarot reading will take you behind-the-scenes of the aspects of his/her personality that you are struggling to understand.

You will receive audio and video of this report. A visual PDF of notes and charting will be included.

Video #3: Trigger Points

Based solely on your two astrological profiles, we'll look at potential trigger points and challenges. These are places where he/she is most likely to trigger you, or where you are most likely to trigger him/her.

From there, we will talk about major healing opportunities and ways you can move through each of those challenges to support your divine union. This is an opportunity to permanently shift your mindset and release negative and false beliefs that are holding you back from union.

This video concludes with a deep tarot reading to dive deeper into these potential trigger points and how each one may be affecting your union.

You will receive audio and video of this report.

Video #4: Compatibility

Now that we have both of your natal charts, we will look at your areas of compatibility through the study of natal chart synastry.

Specifically, we will look at the compatibility of your 10 signs and I will explain all of your natal chart aspects with your twin soul—what each one is, what each one means, and how you can apply that to your union.

I'll also share any areas of clash, reading only from a positive, high-vibe perspective. I'll show you where you might see clash in the relationship and share strategies to work through those clashes.

This video concludes with a deep tarot reading to offer guidance on both areas of compatibility and areas of clash.

You will receive audio and video of this report. A visual PDF of notes and charting will be included.

Video #5: Union Blueprint

We've gathered all the astrological data from both your natal charts and analyzed what it means. This video is focused on your union blueprint, which is all about why the two of your came to earth together at this exact time.

We'll talk about what your union is likely focused on and how your individual life paths align to your greater purpose. We will draw from generational cosmic energies as well as your natal charts and synastry report to weave the story, so you have a full understanding of how to move forward in your journey, whether your twin is partnered with you already or not.

This video concludes with a deep tarot reading to better understand your union blueprint and what you are here to live and heal, as well as what your twin is here to live and heal. Finally, we'll look at how your individual work melds into your union work and what you'll likely be working on as you come into physical union (if you are not already). We will put all the pieces of the puzzle together in this video!

You will receive audio and video of this report.

Video #6: 3-Month Union Timeline

It's time to look forward at what the next 3 months look like for you, your twin, and your union.

I will look at the cosmic movements and energies for the next three months and personalize the meaning and guidance for your particular union. Specifically, I will share any potential victories that will bring you into deeper union with your twin. I will also share any challenges or triggers and how you can be more empathetic and forgiving to your twin as you navigate these energies.

This video concludes with a deep tarot reading about what each of the next three months holds for your union, and how you can heal in advance to shift your mindset and keep your vibes high.

You will receive audio and video of this report.

The Options 

One payment of $500

Within 10 days, you will receive:

  • Video #1: Your Profile
  • Video #2: Your Divine Counterpart's Profile
  • Video #3: Union Trigger Points
  • Video #4: Twin Soul Compatibility
  • Video #5: Union Blueprint
  • Video #6: Union Timeline

The files will be delivered via Dropbox and will come in .mp4, .mp3, and PDF formats.

Four payments of $140 for four months ($560 total)

You will receive:  

  • Video #1: Your Profile (5 days after payment #1)
  • Video #2: Your Divine Counterpart's Profile (5 days after payment #2)
  • Video #3: Union Trigger Points (5 days after payment #3)
  • Video #4: Twin Soul Compatibility (5 days after payment #4)
  • Video #5: Union Blueprint (5 days after payment #4)
  • Video #6: Union Timeline (5 days after payment #4)

The files will be delivered via Dropbox and will come in .mp4, .mp3, and PDF formats.


About Monica Grace

Monica Leonelle Grace has studied tarot, astrology, and twin souls since 2016. She originally studied twin souls to better understand why her previous marriage fell apart, but then began answering questions and teaching others about the concept and how it could inspire healing.

In 2018, she had a turning point when meeting two twin souls from the other side. From that point on, she knew that she would start a business that combined her knowledge of tarot, astrology, manifestation, law of attaction, numerology, and more to help individuals on an ascension journey, specializing in those who consider themselves twin souls.

She shares more of her spiritual experiences, knowledge, and story at

Reviews from Our Community 

“I was worried about a lot of different things around my twin soul relationship. I hadn't heard from my twin in a while and I wanted to know what I could do on my end to speed up the process, or at least get some insight into where (and what) my blocks were.

"I'd made a lot of progress in recent months, but it seemed to have slowed down. I was struggling with what my next steps were. I didn't want to come on too strong, but I also didn't want to lose my connection to my twin soul either. I was so scared of messing something up!  

"I learned I still had hidden anger that was blocking my relationship with God and with my twin soul. Monica uncovered some deeper wounds that I thought I had already worked through. Turns out, there was more there and I wouldn't have known otherwise. She gave me guidance for how to move forward and I felt very inspired!  

"I feel a lot more relaxed about my communications with my twin soul. I used to stress about every message and every word. Now, I felt more connected to my intuition and began to message my twin soul from a place of inner wisdom."  

- Julie Hopkins

“I've used Monica's guidance to uncover blocks that I still needed to heal within as well as challenges facing my relationship with my significant other/twin soul. The biggest struggle was knowing which direction to take on this healing journey for coming into harmony with myself and with my twin soul.  

"Far from generic, Monica’s guidance offers incredible insight and support to light the way on your healing journey that then helps you come into greater harmony with both yourself and your twin soul. Her compassionate nature couples well with her sometimes frank discussions of what needs to be healed and what challenges need to be faced within the self in order to see the results in the physical world.  

"Monica helped me uncover blocks that I didn't even realize were inhibiting me from living a full and joyful life. She guided me around issues with abandonment, loss, and control that helped to create a permanent shift in mindset. This then led to greater harmony in my relationship with my twin soul.  

"I can say with confidence that Monica’s guidance is instrumental to my journey. My twin soul and I keep growing closer and closer due to the healing work I've done! Monica’s advice has served as a beautiful guide on this journey to uncover not only where my twin soul and I both are but what next steps to take for our own inner healing."  

- Susan Dawn

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my report videos? This depends on the package you choose.

  • If you choose the full payment option you should receive all of your videos in 10 days.
  • If you choose the payment plan you will receive video 1 after the first payment, video 2 after the second payment, video 3 after the third payment, and videos 4, 5, and 6 after the fourth payment. Video 6 will be focused on the next three months of cosmic movements, from the time of recording. Please allow for 5-7 days from the time the payment is made to receive the next video, as I do not start the work on the next round until the payment is received.

How long do your videos run? Depending on the video and what needs to be covered, each one runs between 30 minutes and 2 hours. However, I continue digging and sharing information for as long as needed. I am far more likely to go over these runtimes than I am to go under, so please know that I will give you my all for each and every video and I will keep going until all the messages and guidance are shared.

What does each PDF include? The PDF will share any visuals (usually charts) and any notes I've created in preparation for your video (for example, a list of your natal chart aspects). This information will also be included in the video, but is separated into a PDF for your convenience.

How is the report delivered? I deliver the files in .mp4, .mp3, and PDF formats via a private Dropbox link. From there, you can download your files and save them to any device you like.

Do you provide information about career, money, health, etc.? All guidance is focused on love, the twin soul journey and ascension process, and healing around that. While other topics such as career, money, or health may be touched on, it will only ever be in the context of how that affects your love life, twin soul union, ascension journey, or healing opportunities.

I've received my natal charting from an astrologer in the past. Can I get the rest of your report at a discount? Natal charting is always done with a specific objective in mind, so you likely haven't received a natal chart reading specific to your twin soul ascension journey. Furthermore, every astrologist/tarot reader will read differently, so even if you have received a twin soul natal chart reading, it's likely to offer different information than mine will. Finally, I cannot produce Videos 2-6 without first looking into your natal chart anyway, so there would be no way for me to skip that step and still produce the rest of the report and thus no way to offer a discount.

Can I order just a piece of the report? The Twin Soul Compatibility Report is meant to be offered in its complete form at six videos. Because of this, I do not offer pieces of the report except to previous clients of the report.

I'm a previous client of this report. Can I get the next 3 months of personalized energies? Yes! If you've already received the full report from me, I can provide you with an updated 3-month energy report for $100. Please contact me at to set up an appointment.

Can I get a refund? Because each video is personalized and requires custom work, I don't offer refunds on any portion of this report.

Can I cancel my payment plan? I don't allow clients of this service to cancel their payment plans or receive only portions of this report, so please be sure you want the full report and can commit to making all 4 payments before selecting the payment plan option.

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