Today Mercury ☿ enters Aries ♈and indicates strongly that the divine masculine will step forward with an offer, with a pentacle that he has been holding in his hand for weeks and in some cases, months.

Aries is a Knight of Wands/King of Swords energy. There will be a mix of passion and logic in the communication. It is the energy of making the first move, taking the first step, and doing it quickly.

Union energies are strong this week, especially in the later half as we near the Full Pink Moon. But what does it mean?


The first card I pulled is one of my favorites, possibly the most romantic card of all the decks I own—The Union of Hearts! Not a surprise as the cosmic union energies are also high this week.

It’s followed by Actions Speak Loudly, and thankfully, the divine masculine is in the energy of taking action in the form of communication or an offering.

But there is a warning, to Show Simple Acts of Kindness. Stay empathetic and release expectations! If you were hoping for a big romantic gesture, you may not see it. Aries is a direct but impulsive energy. For the DM, it’s the energy of, “I’m so tired of thinking about and spinning on this. I’m just going to reach out and let the chips fall where they may.” This may mean that all plans of grandeur may be abandoned, and DFs should not expect a big show of affection or romance. Accept the pentacle as it’s given, with no expectations.

If you were hoping that the gold would rush in, or that your union would jump several steps forward in one fell swoop, please know that both the DM and the DF are testing the waters right now, after much tension and conflict in the relationship. The first pentacle offered is merely the first hurdle on both sides. If it goes poorly, one counterpart, the other, or both may retreat to their individual corners to better understand how to come forward in the future. If it goes well, more pentacles will trickle through the union slowly.


The DM has been avoiding attempts to communicate because he needs to be the one to lead the conversation right now. Actions Speak Loudly indicates that this conversation will be coming soon.

However, that doesn’t mean that the feelings are not there. The Union of Hearts indicates that the feelings are there, and they are strong. But up until now, the dynamic in the union has been some form of the DF dragging the DM forward at a pace he wasn’t comfortable with. As stated in more detail in the Twin Soul Romance and Ascension Report, releasing this dynamic and allowing the DM to come forward is an important healing for both the DM and the DF.

If you’ve been waiting for this for awhile, please know that your counterpart has as well! The Show Simple Acts of Kindness card is a call for empathy toward your divine counterpart.

The DM has been waiting for the right opportunity to make the offer, while the DF has been waiting for the offer she’s been dreaming of. This tension between the counterparts has been like an arrow being pulled back. Yes, you’ll be slingshot forward into this new cycle of energy, but the hand pulling the arrow back has gotten shaky and less accurate due to how long it’s been holding the bow in that position! Thus, the arrow may not land as aimed when it’s released.

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💝This reading was originally channeled for April 17, 2019, but trust that it came to you in the perfect divine timing! If you were drawn to it today, there’s a message here for you. 💝