As the Sun ☉ moves into conjunct with Uranus ♅ from April 22-23, the straggling DMs (the Turtle Contingent of this wave of twin souls) will be pushed forward unwillingly by the cosmic energies. This message is emphasized for divine masculine Leo ♌and Aquarius ♒natives. Uranus is a planet of sudden or swift energy, like the 8 of Wands. In tarot, this can come in many forms—The Fool, The Hanged Man, or The Tower. See more below if your union includes a DM in this straggling contingent.


In a sense, it feels like a new union or a deeper union for many twin soul partnerships.

That does not mean, however, that the partnership is romantic at this time. The Crumbling card asks, “What are you clinging on to?” This is so important, as there may be elements of your previous relationship that you are afraid to let go of. Please know that it’s safe to let go and more importantly, that it’s leading to something better!

The reason why is that the two counterparts have always, always been in union. Romance is not union for twin souls, and twin souls in a romantic partnership are not necessarily in harmonious union either.

The cosmic energies show that a union energy came through last week with the full moon, the second in a pulse that started in March. The union energy was designed not to help twin souls skip to the end of the journey, but to help them go deeper into the union they already have with their twin soul–the union they’ve been building this whole time. The Awakening card comes with energetic upgrades and integrations. It’s truly a new beginning, so step into this deeper awareness with both feet!

Yes, that union can come with a lot of baggage. Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a clean slate with your divine counterpart! Unfortunately and fortunately, that’s simply not the way this works.

If your divine masculine hasn’t communicated an offer of the pentacle so far, then he might shortly receive a swift kick in the butt!

Why? He’s been being nudged for months to move forward with his decision. His heart has been telling him yes. But if his mind told him no and he did not take action when called to, the universe will give him a shakeup to move the energy forward.

You may be tempted to shift your own energy out of frustration, anger, or anxiety over his refusal to say YES! The message is in the card No. Do not take action at this time, as this energy will work through on its own and your DM will catch up soon.


For most of this wave of twin souls, the offer has been made, which is the start of the new cycle for divine masculines and divine feminines. What this means: new and more consistent communication, new opportunities to heal, more abundance across both counterparts’ lives, more dreaming together in the 5D, and more working together in the 3D. This is emphasized by the Awakening card, which shows that both the DM and DF will experience energetic upgrades and growth during this time. You’ve entered a new phase of your union—congratulations!

If you haven’t made the offer to your divine feminine, it may be that you’re instead experiencing The Crumbling, where another part of your world falls away to give you a nudge to where you are meant to be. This could come in a few forms:

  • The Fool – There may be a sudden shift in adventurousness that may look almost rebellious or unconventional. This will seem random, but it is divinely inspired. It could be the DM booking a last minute trip, taking a new job offer, moving, buying new property or a new vehicle, or making a life-changing decision, seemingly on a whim.
  • The Hanged Man – There may be a sudden shift in perspective. This usually comes from a sudden inspiration or “aha” moment. In this case, a number of synchronicities have been seeded over the last few months in case the DM did not move forward on his own. The universe has also created a trigger, almost like a fire alarm, that it can pull at any time to trigger these synchronicities in the DM’s mind all at once. These will come together to provide the logic the DM seeks, seemingly in the course of a few minutes, which will allow him to move forward with what he wanted to do in the first place.
  • The Tower – There may be a tower moment that shakes up the DM’s world. These are usually unexpected life events, like a health scare, fender bender, job loss or bad review, fallout with a friend or family member, and so on. They can also be positive shake-ups like a marriage, pregnancy, job promotion. While the latter can be concerning to the DF, please know that it is for your union. The purpose of the tower moment is to force the DM to change his ways, which leads to growth, which leads to communication with his divine feminine.

Please note, if you are a divine masculine, you can avoid the universe forcing your hand by simply taking action on your divine guidance. The No card asks, why are you resisting what you are guided to do in your heart?

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💝This reading was originally channeled for April 23, 2019, but trust that it came to you in the perfect divine timing! If you were drawn to it today, there’s a message here for you. 💝