Assess your twin flame relationship with your twin flame/twin soul using the 8×8 Shape of Your Union tool!

How to Use the Tool

To use this bullseye, draw eight circles and make eight divisions. You can label each division with one of these categories, then rate that area of your relationship from 1-8. If you see areas that are low in this relationship, look at how you can increase your satisfaction in those areas, not through your twin soul, but through yourself or your higher power.

I find this tool extremely useful to notice the places where I am not romancing myself, not being a friend to myself, not mentoring myself, not engaging myself emotionally, and so on. This is my first clue that my union isn’t where I desire it to be, and my first point of investigation to see why that is. I use this tool to do a weekly or monthly check in on my union in order to hold it in my reality.

Which Version is For You?

  • Etsy printable
  • Twin Soul Healing Journal
  • Your Twin Soul Journey Workbook