In the midst of finishing my first book under the Card Reading Queen brand, called Your Twin Soul Journey, I’ve been taking some time to think about what Card Reading Queen really is as a business.

Where is it focused? Who is it for? What does it sell?

When I first bought the domain name back in late 2017, I intended to teach people tarot, offer readings, create tarot and oracle decks, and so on. I had also hoped to start a book series about astrology and/or tarot under the same brand.

I was very busy with another business that I run that teaches people how to write fiction, and I had a fiction book series that I have been working on since 2008. I didn’t really have time to start a third business—I basically had one business that needed to move from striving to thriving, and another business that needed a ton of work to even be viable. At the same time, I knew I was meant to build… something else… but I didn’t truly understand what.

Twin Flame Energy Readings

About eighteen months later, in mid-2019, I found myself producing tarot and astrology energy readings for the twin flame collective, specifically in the format of the DM and DF (divine masculine and divine feminine). A soul sister of mine who was also on the twin soul journey had started a Youtube channel and was seeing solid success. She inspired me to use my budding channeling skills to produce content for the twin flame community under the Card Reading Queen brand… but something didn’t feel right. About a month into my efforts, I could feel that was not where my higher power was directing me. I was also on my first pregnancy and struggling to be productive as my body became a vessel for a tiny human to grow.

Another friend of mine expressed her surprise at why I was doing twin flame/twin soul work when I had originally wanted to teach tarot. I shrugged. “I’m not sure, but it’ll all work out. It’s going somewhere, I just don’t know where yet.”

More Twin Flame How-To Content

Another 5-6 months passed. Shortly after I gave birth in fall of 2019, I felt a surge of energy to put toward the Card Reading Queen website again. God was calling me to go back to twin flame stuff, though I didn’t understand why. This time, instead of creating channeled energy readings, he wanted me to create content about the journey itself, answering questions from twin flame groups and search term results. In the first two months of my child’s life, I created 22 videos for my Youtube channel. I felt almost manic with the intense creativity and passion flowing through me.

At the same time, I felt confused and didn’t understand why I was going down this path again. Card Reading Queen wasn’t an ideal name for a business about twin flames. My SEO was massively f*cked, especially because I was using my preferred term “twin soul” instead of twin flame and couldn’t bring myself to switch. Plus, I was still on the journey myself and didn’t even know if I was with my true twin flame.

I knew this detour would (probably?) eventually bring me back to tarot and astrology, but I didn’t quite see how. It felt even weirder because I honestly wasn’t seeing much outer success with my channels, though I was having massive breakthroughs in my personal life just through going deeper studying this work. I’ve always been a person who processes things through writing about them, so I guess it’s no surprise that God wanted me to do so.

I’m not much of a quitter, so I kept going where I felt inspired, which was around twin souls. I wrote over 100 episodes for the channel, 77 of which I’ve recorded and released already this year (it’s currently September of 2020). I found myself with dozens of ideas and never had to sit down and write a thing. I was so inspired that I just kept track on my phone in one big document… the videos were writing themselves and coming together easily, with very little forcefulness from me.

Clarity as I Publish My First Book on Twin Flames/Twin Souls

I’ve been gaining clarity on that over the last several weeks. Ironically, it comes just days before I publish my first book in a long planned series about twin souls! I guess God wanted to make sure I continued on the path just long enough to make sure I committed to those books wholeheartedly before finding out that twin flames not going to be the main topic of Card Reading Queen.

The clarity I’ve received in the last several days/weeks is that God does want me to write and teach about twin flames, while at the same time doing my usual thing of telling and processing my own story around it. I found lots of healing through sharing my story on my channel and podcast and was able to break through a number of blocks that had haunted me for years.

And at the same time, I am not supposed to build a big brand around twin souls. As much as I enjoy twin soul work, I truly don’t know the process to getting twin souls in union. My story is really different from the common collective story. I basically arrived to the twin soul journey already in a relationship and marriage with my twin soul. We had a LOT to heal and things were rocky and up and down for awhile, but no matter how much I healed, it always took me deeper with my husband rather than taking me away from him.

I honestly can’t tell you how to come into relationship with your twin soul, because my story is that I applied the healing work to my marriage and saved it, while at the same time realizing that my husband was my twin soul and kept reflecting back my healing to me. It never mattered if we did the healing work together (I’ve been solo in my work the majority of the time) or if I healed with someone else (past exes, random trolls of Facebook, etc.). My soul sister pointed this out to me over and over again: “It’s interesting that the more you heal X or Y the more you see it reflected in your husband.”

It’s Not the Twin Flame Work, It’s the Healing Work

What I really love about the twin soul journey—what I’m truly passionate about—is the healing work. I care about ascension. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s applied to twin souls or other areas of my life. I truly desire my higher power God in every aspect of my life and want to get in alignment with my divinity in every area.

Yes, I want to keep writing, sharing, and teaching about divine romance. But I also want to do deep dives into divine health, divine purpose, divine wealth, divine home, divine expression, and so much more over the coming years.

And this is the vision that God has given me for this brand. It is about healing and tools for healing, which includes tarot and astrology, but also includes some other helpful stuff I’ve developed over the years. And it is also about truly aligning to your divine self and your soul design, so that you can have everything you want in life.

What That Means For Card Reading Queen

This business is still in its infancy, despite being several years old at the time of this writing. It doesn’t have many products and doesn’t make any money, though that will change with my book releases.

I’ve been using Card Reading Queen as a space to explore my spirituality. It probably seems a lot more targeted and “together” from the outside—most of my content is centered around twin souls—but behind the scenes I’ve been trying to find my footing and figure out a direction.

As I’ve been reflecting on my core values and how those can be expressed through this business, I’ve come up with a list:

Things I Know I Don’t Want To Do

Courses on Twin Flames/Twin Souls –

In my other business, I have multiple courses that are about 10 hours long in content. They are all centered around a specific result—Finish Your First Draft, Plan Your Book Launch, Write Better, Faster. As I’ve explored twin souls, I’ve come to understand that this work is so BIG and it’s very hard to break it down into step-by-step. I honestly don’t know how to get someone a spiritual result aside from telling them, “keep doing the healing work.” And people are very resistant to this, because in truth most never wanted the spiritual result, they wanted only the physical result. I’ve come to see that this piece of the work—taking twins deeper into union and communicating the lifestyle of this ascension path—is really not meant for me to tackle. Others are doing it better by creating the extensive course material needed and also creating the intense infrastructure needed to truly get people into their twin flame unions.

Coaching on Any Topic –

I’ve taken several coaching programs in the business world and tried to offer it through my other business. While I don’t mind getting on calls with people, I’ve found that I’m much more of a, “create quietly in a room by myself” type of person. I like to write, draw, and record content, as opposed to working one-on-one with people. Coaching takes away from that for me and interrupts my flow.

Tons of Personal Readings –

To me readings and energy reports are tools for channeling truth and healing work. When I dove into the twin flame community around tarot and astrology readings, though, I found that a portion of the readers were selling temporary highs and false promises. Others in the community are truly trying to offer channeled guidance and encouragement for those on the journey, but they still aren’t as explicit in their efforts to help others heal. My experience producing content for this is that it really helps to ground into the healing work first, and then do the readings from a place of understanding how they can help you heal and shift your energy.

Things I’m Not Sure I Want To Do

Collective Tarot and Cosmic Energy Readings

For those who don’t know what collective card readings and cosmic energy readings are, they are basically using tarot, oracle, or astrology to channel messages for the twin flame collective. They are usually based on tapping into time-sensitive energies or tapping into a segment of the larger population that may be going through a specific challenge.

I’m torn on doing these because I really enjoy doing them. At the same time, I believe that these areas of the twin flame industry need to evolve, specifically by focusing on:

  • Empowerment – You really don’t need someone to read or channel for you personally unless you are experiencing big healing blocks and struggling to break through. Even then, I’ve seen that readings can offer support, encouragement, and even peace, but you must do the healing work around that to receive the full benefit
  • Healing – Readings need to have some level of follow-up so that the person can fully receive the healing, or they need to have the healing explicitly built in
  • Permanence – So many of the readings I see seem ungrounded; this amounts to basically a lot of people getting very high on the concept of magic. But tarot and astrology do not predict, they reflect. The magic is in the mirror, but most people watching don’t know what to do with that.

In truth, I think many if not most in the community have solid intentions, but without the healing aspects to the work, it’s almost like a child trying to play basketball without the understanding that you score by putting the ball over and through the net.

It’s important to me to be in integrity in making these offerings. I don’t desire to prey on someone’s desperation for comfort or good news, and I definitely don’t desire to encourage someone to abuse spiritual concepts and tools to try to control someone into become their boyfriend or girlfriend. What attracts me to these efforts is, again, teaching people how to use these tools for healing. So I need to figure out how to offer that healing through my own readings, in my own style.

Things I Definitely Want To Do

Books, Workbooks, Decks, and Printables

Writing, graphic design, and art is my jam and I want to create supportive tools around the twin soul journey. In many ways, I want to create the tools I wish I had around the journey. I am also someone who loves decks and have 100+ in my collection. I definitely have a lot more to share in this area and it will unfold more as I continue to write books for my Twin Soul Hearts in Union series.

Something that has come up for me recently is knowing that I don’t have all the answers and that my content will change over time. In writing my books, I’ve made a commitment to myself to give them updates and, if needed, overhauls. I deeply desire to share the truth of this journey with others, and at the same time, I can only share as deeply as I myself have gone.

I’m currently doing an overhaul with a series in my other business so that I can reach more people and help them at the levels they are at. A lot of people asked me why I wasn’t going to keep selling the books as is, or why I didn’t scrap them. To them, it looked like it was too much work to redo it all, but I understand the value of my work and how to extend it to others. Truly sharing your work with the world is a process with iterations that reflect your own growth and nuance on the subject. Your first completion of a project is only ever the beginning.

Too many people quit or abandon their work too soon. I’m truly committed to the work I put out there, which includes loving and nurturing it beyond its initial existence. So I will do the same with all of the twin soul work I’ve created. It’s not going anywhere; it’s only getting better and stronger.

Healing Modalities

Card Reading Queen as a brand is truly about healing through various tools. Tarot and astrology are two of those tools, but I have, through my work with twin souls, uncovered several more that I want to share.

One is my Core Wound Wheel framework, which helps you identify and catalog wounding, step by step. So often when I was trying to heal, I couldn’t really put my finger on what my block was. It wasn’t until I truly started to work with the Core Wound Wheel that I became better at seeing the exact root of what I was healing. This body of work is still growing and still being channeled, but I think it could be huge and revolutionary.

The second is masculine and feminine energy balancing. It took me a long time to decide that masculine and feminine was a legitimate part of the twin soul work, and even longer to see that toxicity was a pattern, not a person. I saw so many posts saying, “my masculine did X, Y, and Z to me” and spent years wondering, why are so many masculines on this journey such *ssholes?

But then I saw the masculine in real life, through my own partner and friends working on their twin soul partnerships. Yes, the masculine did seem to be doing lots of mean and unforgivable things, but also, there was such humanity there, such deep hurt, such innocence. I realized that yes, I was on the feminine’s “side” of things most of the time, but that was largely due to my own wounding as the feminine in my partnership.

I started to break down the toxic patterns I was seeing between the two counterparts and found words and descriptions around what I and my friends were experiencing and what the masculine seemed to be experiencing. I realized that the masculine and feminine labels are fairly unimportant in the end; what matters is that the couple as a whole shifts from distorted to divine. I saw that many feminines wanted to heal with their masculines, but needed this information so they could heal the pattern within themselves that was attracting the chaos in their connection.

I’m excited to bring these four healing modalities to the public in 2021 and beyond. Eventually, you will be able to get certified in these healing modalities and use them in your own healing and reading practices, either for yourself or for others. The certification process will be similar to other healing modalities like yoga, reiki, or akashic records. I love learning new healing modalities and I’m excited to share these with the world.

Looking Forward to the Rest of 2020

I wanted to share what’s still to come in 2020. This year has been a crazy year for many, and I’ve found myself turning inward a lot more and focusing on the things I can control, including my creative output. Here are the things you can still expect to see from me in 2020:

  • Your Twin Soul Journey THE BOOK – This is done, uploaded, and ready for release on September 16, 2020! I’m very proud of my work on this 342-page book. I’ll also be putting out a related workbook and printables sometime in the next month.
  • 23 More Your Twin Soul Journey Episodes – I made a commitment to myself to get 100 episodes of my Youtube channel and podcast done, and I’m currently at 77 for the year. I’ve written the last 23ish and only need to record and upload them. I expect to start that process shortly, in the coming week. This will end Season 1 of the podcast.
  • More Blog Content – I’m slowly moving my Youtube and podcast content over to my blog so that people can find it more easily. This requires me taking my notes and writing out the content as a blog post in addition to how I’ve already produced it. Yes, I’ll use transcription services to help. Yes, it’s going to be a big project with 100 episodes of content just in 202. I’m excited to move this content over as I know it’ll help the content reach a ton more people who need it.
  • A Bridge Between Seasons For My Youtube Channel and Podcast – Once my 23 episodes are uploaded, I’ll be taking a hiatus from creating content until I start Season 2 sometime in early 2021. But I do have an idea for an 11-episode bridge series that will run between seasons to keep the feed fresh. I’ll also likely be popping in with a few personal updates as I get my books, printables, and other products out and available for consumption.
  • Find Your Twin Soul, the second book in the Twin Soul Hearts in Union series – This is scheduled for release on November 11, 2020 and I’m on track to hit the deadline. The only reason it may change is because of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, which takes place Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Typically, people are not paying much attention to book launches after a big election here in the States, so I’m going to play this one by ear and update as the time gets closer.
  • Decks! – I’m very excited to be putting out several decks I’ve been working on this past year. I have so many cool ones that are all finishing up at around the same time for the twin soul community. There will be more info on this soon. I really can’t wait to share this work with my followers.

Please check out Your Twin Soul Journey if you haven’t already!