Exactly 8 months after my first experience with claircognizance, I received another visit from two twin souls who had died on earth about a year apart. This time, I was sitting in my breakfast nook, eating and browsing my phone when I was hit with it. They gave me answers to some of the questions I’d been pondering from the first experience and left me with some new questions. However, they also shared their love with me and for meβ€”the most indescribable, healing love. It was love far beyond anything I’ve felt on earth, even from my parents.

After this experience I decided to start this website. I had purchased the domain several months earlier, but had pushed it off due to time constraints. However, once I met these twin souls I knew I had to share the things I was learning with the world.

Who knows where this journey will go from hereβ€”either way, I’ll be sharing what I’m learning about card reading and other spiritual teachings along the way!